Clash of Clans Hack – Get Free Gems And Coins in 2018

Obtaining free gems and coins for Clash of Clans is not an easy thing to do. There’s a bunch of fake generators out there claiming that they can do it for you. We’re gamers ourselves, and we’ve seen this. Back in 2016, we managed to develop a Clash of Clans hack for gems that actually worked. We kept this hack private until 2017 where we released it to the public after seeing how many fake ones that were out there. This Clash of Clans hack tool allows you to get free gems and coins within a few minutes. You simply use our generator, and you’ll have the resources dripfed to your account over a one hour time period.

COC hack proof

Clash of clans gameplayIf you want to dominate in Clash of Clans and be a pro you’re going to need Gems. They’re mandatory for upgrading resources, speeding up processes and much more. If you were to get them normally you would have to grind for hours just to achieve a couple of gems. Gem boxes may appear once a week or so, and they only give you a couple of gems. Therefore, you’re going to have to wait years if you want to get substantial amounts of gems. And if you really want to be a powerful player, you’re going to need gems. This results in many players spending hundreds of dollars every month on gems. But everyone doesn’t have that kind of money to spend on the game. Therefore we developed this Clash of Clans gem hack that allows you to generate thousands of gems every day. Using these COC cheats you can be among the top players without having to spend thousands of dollars on gems.

Our Clash of Clans cheats was originally private, but we decided to release them to the public because we saw so many fake generators. We use this tool ourselves, and constantly update it, to make sure that you have a great experience with it. We also update it to stay ahead of Supercell who may try to fix tools like these in the future.

So you may be thinking, how does this tool work? How can I get free gems and coins for Clash of Clans? There’s no need to worry. Our Clash of Clans generator is developed to be super easy and straightforward to use. This means that the generator gives you step by step instructions on what to do.

We’ve created a small step-by-step guide to give you an insight into how easy this tool is to use, and how fast you’ll have the gems.

How To use the Clash of Clans Hack

  1. Go to the generator by clicking the orange button.
  2. Enter your COC username.
  3. Select how many resources you want.
  4. Generate the resources (it takes a couple of seconds).
  5. Verify that you are not a robot.

It’s only a fast and short 5-step process that you’ll have to complete in order to get free gems and coins added to your account. In total it will take a couple of minutes at max before you have completed these steps and have the gems added to your account. That’s really fast compared to the few other working Clash of Clans cheats out there.

So why are we verifying that you are not a bot? We do this because we’ve had problems in the past with bots hogging our resources, crashing our servers and reselling our servers in an attempt to profit. We’re offering this for free, and have no interest in anyone selling these resources in an attempt to make money.

We’ve tried combatting this abuse of our services in many ways. We’ve tried blocking the bots based on IP addresses, we’ve tried using standard Captcha, and so much more. Those solutions worked for a couple of days, but then the bots were programmed to solve these challenges, and our efforts were wasted. We quickly realized that we spent way too much time on combatting bots. Time that could’ve been spent on improving the COC hack for our users. So, therefore, we decided to go with the decision where you have to complete a survey in order to verify that you are human. Bots can’t solve these, so it works. But it takes a few minutes at max for our users to complete these. This human verification process is simply the answer to our problem, and it allows us to provide the service that we provide. Hadn’t it been implemented, we wouldn’t be able to provide this service for free.


0% Banrate & Completely Free

As of writing this, the tool has been used by hundreds of thousands of users. No one has been banned while using it, and we strive to keep it that way. That’s a pretty solid track record for a tool that’s been up for years.

We care about your account’s security, which is why we make it a priority to focus a lot on making sure that your accounts will never be banned. This all comes down to us encrypting our requests to Supercell’s servers, and us dripfeeding the resources that you generate. This makes it virtually impossible for Supercell to detect our COC cheat tool.

Not only do we provide this tool for other players. We also use on our own accounts that we care a lot about, and have played on for years. We never want to see them banned, which is why we make it our biggest priority that the generator stays undetected forever.

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