Free Google Play Code Generator (Updated 2018)

We’ve finally decided to make our free Google Play Code generator public. Earn yourself some Google Play Credit in 5 minutes, and explore all the possibilities in the Google Play Store. These credits can be used for various different purposes which you can read more about further down this page.

There are so many websites out there promising to generate you free Google Play redeem codes. The sad truth is that 99% of these are fake. They have you complete something for you, and then never give you a working code. This has been a growing trend the last few years, and we hate to see it happen. Therefore we decided to make our generator public. Initially, it wasn’t our plan to make the tool public, as we were only using it ourselves, and wanted to keep it that way. However, we realized how there was a huge demand for a legit tool that was actually working. This is why we made the decision to make our tool available to everyone. It has since then gone viral, and even though it has probably caught the attention of Google, it still works! We constantly update the tool so that it’s always compatible. We’ll let you know one day if it stops working. But as of right now it’s working super well. You can have yourself free Google Play Credit with just a time investment of 5 minutes.

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How To Get Free Google Play Credit

  1. Go to our generator.
  2. Decide which code you want.
  3. Generate the code.
  4. Verify that you are human.

As you can see the generator is very user-friendly and fast. If you do everything right you should have the free Google Play code after 5 minutes. On average it takes 6 minutes for the user to get their code. This is a number we’re very proud of. It means that we provide the fastest method available on the internet. Now that’s one achievement!

Our main priorities for this tool is:

1. To keep it working at all times by regularly updating it.

2. To make it as user-friendly and fast as possible.

As you may have noticed we have implemented the “verify that you are human” procedure. This is something we do to keep bots out. In the past, bots have been abusing our services and reselling Google Play codes. This frequently overloaded our servers and prevented legitimate users from getting their codes. Therefore we had to implement this.

What Can You use free Google Play Cards For?

Free Google Play Codes can be used for a ton of different things here are the most frequent uses:

  • Games: You can use your credits to buy games. There are millions of games to choose from. You can buy games for your computer, your phone or your tablet. There are so many different types of genres to choose from, so I’m sure that you’ll find something that you’ll like. You could also stock up on Google play credit in anticipation of an upcoming game.
  • Music: You can stream millions of songs. It’s subscription-based and costs around $10-$20 depending on the country you’re located in.
  • Movies: You can choose between thousands of movies. The movies are relatively cheap compared to other providers.
  • In-game resources & boosts: Love Clash Royale, Candy Crush or something third? No worries. You can use your Google play credits to buy in-game resources or boosts.

There are even more benefits, but these are the most popular ones. You can read more on Google Play’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate the Free Google Play Gift Card?

You can redeem your Google Play gift card on any device (computer, tablet, phone etc.). You simply navigate to the Google Play Store, open the menu bar, and choose the “redeem code” option. You then fill in your code, and you’re set!

How exactly do I earn Google Play credit?

We have outlined the steps for you at the top of this page. You simply click the button, and the tool will then navigate you through the steps you need to take. It’s very user-friendly, and it’s compatible with almost all devices out there.

Here’s a video showing you why you should grab yourself a code:

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