Free iTunes Gift Card Codes & Music 2018

It is now possible to get free iTunes gift card codes without having to do much work. We’ve finally found a method for you that actually works. We tried it ourselves, and we can say that this is the only one out there that actually works.

There are a lot of fake iTunes gift card generators out there, which is why we wanted to help people out. 99.9% of all the so-called generators are fake. They claim that they have magically received a list of free iTunes cards, which is obviously fake. As there didn’t seem to exist any other effective way of getting these codes without getting scammed we decided that it was time for us to create a guide on how to actually get iTunes gift card codes for free. So let’s go!

How To Get Free iTunes Gift Card Codes

  1. Tap the button above this.
  2. Register an account on the website.
  3. Watch ads, complete short offers etc. to earn points.
  4. Withdraw the points as iTunes gift cards.
  5. Redeem the iTunes gift card code on iTunes.

As you can see, it’s actually a fairly easy process to get free iTunes gift cards. This method does take a little bit of time, as you have to complete a few offers / watch quite a few ads in order to get your code, but it’s all worth it. With this method you can also feel confident that this code is legitimately earned, and that you have no scammed Apple. This is a good feeling that will probably give you peace of mind.

free iTunes gift card codes

What can you use iTunes gift card codes for?

Apple is well-known and popular for its many products and services, among them the convenient and valuable iTunes service. There are millions of ways to use an iTunes gift card code on an enormous variety of products and services offered on the iTunes website. If you have a gift card with a code, you can use it immediately to purchase all kinds of items.

Among the different offerings available from the iTunes store you will find music, apps, games, TV shows, and movies of all types and descriptions. You can download individual songs or entire albums from millions of artists, virtually most music on the market is on the iTunes website. You can also download in-app content and eBooks to read at your leisure.

You can download entire movies you get to keep and watch anytime, stored on the iTunes website (music and all products are stored there too, so you never lose them, once their yours, their yours for life). TV show subscriptions are also available for purchase, so you can customize your television experience and avoid high cable fees.

iCloud storage is convenient to store your files on all your Apple devices, and iTunes gift cards and codes are available in all denominations. It’s possible these days to even use iTunes gift card codes to purchase bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and in particular places, you can redeem the cards and codes for cash, or exchange them for other merchandise or services online.

There are countless ways to use your iTunes gift card codes, so once you have them, it’s really up to you, and you should explore the iTunes site to understand the many options. These cards never lose their value, and you should keep them safe and treat them like cash.

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