Free PSN Code Generator (Last Updated 2018)

There’s no better thing in the world than free stuff. It applies to free food, free beers and, of course, free PSN codes.

There are a bunch of sites claiming to give you free PSN codes and free PS plus codes but beware. A lot of them contain fake PlayStation Network Code generators that make you do things and then never give you anything in return. These are sadly popular, and we noticed this trend a few years back. We had discovered a way how to get free PSN codes, but we kept it to ourselves. We intended to keep it to ourselves as we didn’t want it to stop working one day. Because as you know, if more people utilize something, there’s a higher chance that it stops working one day. However, we couldn’t stand watching all these fake sites waste a lot of users’ time. Therefore we decided that it was time for us to release our method to the public. You can now generate free PSN & PS plus codes using the tool below.

Simply click the button above, and you’ll be redirected to our PSN code generator. This generator is free, fast and very easy to use. It was developed with ease of use in mind, which is reflected in the step-by-step instructions that the generator will give you throughout the process.

Benefits of being a PlayStation Plus member

There are a good few reasons as to why you should get yourself a free PlayStation Plus code. As a PS plus member you get these benefits and more:

  • Multiplayer support – This is the main reason why most players decide to upgrade to PS plus. The most popular games these days are multiplayer games. Therefore you’re going to need the ability to play with other players if you fully want to enjoy these games.
  • Free games each month – Each month you’ll get access to free games. They give you two games each month for free. This month, for example, they gave each player $80 worth of free games. That’s a pretty badass bonus.
  • Discounts & early beta access – As a PS Plus member you also get access to a ton of discounts on cool new games. You also get beta access, so that you can play games before everyone starts playing them.
  • Free online storage – With PS Plus you get 10GB of online storage.  This allows you to swift between multiple PlayStations while still having access to your data. That’s pretty cool!

… And even more features. You’ll have to try those out.

What You Can Use PSN Gift Cards For

You can obviously redeem PSN gift cards on your PSN account, which gives you credits that you can spend on online games. However, there are also more things you can spend this credit on.


This is the main reason most people get themselves a PSN card. They want more games. And with good reason, there are so many awesome games released on the PlayStation Network each month.

You simply can’t have too much money on your PSN account, as there are always epic games coming out.

A PS Plus Membership

And of course, you can use your free PSN codes to buy yourself a PS Plus membership. As I already previously mentioned, there are so many benefits to having PS plus. The main one is the ability to play online with other players. Remember that you can also get yourself free PS Plus codes.

free PSN codes at your disposal

How To Get Free PSN Codes

  1. Go to the generator page.
  2. Select the code you want.
  3. Generate it.
  4. Verify that you are not a robot.

When you’ve completed the last step, you’ll get your free PS4 code, that you can then redeem on your account.

On average it takes 4 minutes to complete all these steps and get your code. That’s the lowest time by far when comparing to other sites that can do the same. We’re proud of this, and it’s also one of our main focus points to keep this tool as fast as possible. We’ve also made sure that it’s as user-friendly as possible. Anyone should be able to generate themselves a PlayStation Network code.

Here’s a video for you, if you still aren’t convinced that PlayStation Plus is something for you.

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