Free Xbox Live Gold Codes (Last Updated 2018)

There’s nothing better in this world than free stuff. There’s free food, free beers, and of course, free codes. Beware, though. If something is free there’s probably a downside to it. During the last few years, a ton of so-called Xbox live code generators have been released. The problem? A lot of them, if not most of them, were all fake. They made you complete a survey, and then you never ended up with the promised free Xbox live code. At this point in time, we had already come up with a method that allowed us to get these codes for free. We kept it private for a few months, as we did not want it to get patched because we shared it with a lot of people.

Note: You can choose between Xbox live codes, and Xbox live gold membership.

When we saw so many people getting ripped off by these fake websites, we decided that it was time for our tool to go public. Our tool basically allows you to generate yourself a free Xbox live code, or a free Xbox live gold membership. So, it live, and it quickly got viral. Everyone loved these free codes, which put a huge strain our systems. At this point in time, we feared that Microsoft would step in and patch our generator, but it never happened because we stayed on top of our game.

To use our generator you simply click the button above, and you will be directed to our Xbox live code generator. Here you can choose the kind of code you want. We provide gift cards and gold membership. When you’ve picked your desired code you generate it, and then verify that you are human. After doing this total process which on average takes 4 minutes, you’ll have the code right in front of you.

Free xbox live code options

What You Can use Xbox Live Codes For

So what can you actually use those free Xbox live gift cards for? Primarily games. Note that you can’t use your Xbox live gift card to buy yourself an Xbox live membership. But you can use it to buy games. There are thousands of games on Xbox live to choose from, and there’s definitely going to be one that you’ll like. There are shooters, simulation games and MMORPG’s. You could also stock up on Xbox live codes in anticipation for a game that’s going to be released soon. This could be the new Spiderman Game for example. There are so many games being released all the time, so you’ll definitely find something to spend your credits on. You simply can’t have too much credit in your Xbox live account.

Benefits of being an Xbox Live Gold Member

So why should you even bother getting yourself a free Xbox live gold code? There are a good few reasons:

  • Play online  As you know, the most popular games being released in these days are pretty much all multiplayer games. For that reason, you’re going to need an Xbox live gold membership if you want to fully enjoy these games the way they were meant to be played. Examples of this are: Battlefield, Call of Duty, Starwars and the list goes on.
  • Free games every month – You’ll also get free games every money. You’ve for example been able to get Assasin’s Creed, Rayman Legends, Halo 3, Gears of War and many more games if you were a member.
  • Deals and discounts – As a gold member, you also get access to a ton of discounts. These discounts are all the way up t0 50-75% on various games.

How To Get Free Xbox Live Codes

  1. Go to the generator page by clicking the button.
  2. Select the code you desire.
  3. Generate the code.
  4. Verify that you are human.

As you can clearly see, the process of generating yourself a free Xbox live gold code can be done very fast. It usually takes 3-5 minutes before you have the code at your disposal.

We often get asked why we have implemented the “verify that you are human” check. We basically do this because we have to. We did not always have this check implemented. Back then we had a ton of bots abusing our site for free gift cards, which they resold for a profit. This often crashed our servers which affected our users, and we didn’t like the fact that they made a profit from it. Therefore we were forced to add this step to prevent further abuse. Think of it this way: had this step not been implemented, you would not be able to use our tool.

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